Bodyscan™ 2010
Most accurate biofeedback device invented
It is reasonable and fair to assert that the Bodyscan is having a huge impact on modern medicine.

It has proven to be one of the most useful devices in any of the health fields, as well as the most accurate biofeedback device available. The Bodyscan measures precise sensitivity to approximately 16,000 substances, toxins, and more in the human body. It tells you what is going on, where, and by how much. The Phazx BodyscanTM2010 is "next generation" biofeedback equipment used by over 1,000 doctors and practitioners in the US.

Bioenergetic Testing uses a computer-based instrument to measure the energy of the body using acupressure point readings and provides a new and highly accurate method for determining the energetic indications of ailments and allergies.

Bioenergetic Testing is the end product of a 40-year evolution in Biological-Energetic/Biofeedback testing. Developed by Dr. Voll and Dr. Werner of Germany, this new approach to good health uses a modem computer and a sophisticated program. It is felt by many people to be the most significant breakthrough in health in many years. Relatively new in this country, the technique is understood, accepted, and used widely, especially in Germany, France, England, and Canada.

It is based on the Chinese medical theory that improper energy flow through the acupressure meridians causes the body to have energy imbalances. Over the past 40 years, the interrelationship between acupressure point measurement and individual organs and tissues has been identified by doctors.
Bioenergetic testing is very similar to Biofeedback and has been endorsed by many doctors and dentists in the US.
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21st Century Wellness aids by supplying health
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