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Hair Sample Instructions
Hair sample is cut from the back of the head from the area between the top of the small indentaion and the low hairline. This is the area centered above the top of the spine.

Cut a section of hair about one-half inch or what just fits between the finger and the thumb to hold the hair. Cut as close to the skin as possible. Be careful not to cut the skin itself. DO NOT pull hairs from the scalp.

Place hair sample in a letter sized white envelope and seal. Write the name of the person on the envelope for identification purposes.

Mailing Instructions – Fill out the Client information and Mailing Instructions — Download and print the Client Information and Authorization Form PDF’s at the bottom of the page.  Fill out the forms and sign and date both.  Mail with hair sample and check for $165.00 made payable to:

21st Century Wellness, LLC.
1316 Passiflora Drive,
Henderson, NV 89002

NOTE: When sending hair samples for animals, instructions vary only in the area of where to cut the hair. Cut hair from the area between the bump on the back of the head and down to the shoulders.

Information required for animals is: Name, Breed, Age, Weight, Spayed or Neutered and Diet

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.