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Allergy Stress Relief

More than 100 million Americans suffer from symptoms associated with allergies, spending more than $200 billion annually.

Currently, the common choice of allergy sufferers is to temporarily suppress the body’s response using anti-histamines.

Would you apply the breaks while your foot is on the gas pedal?

Traditionally, allergies have been thought to be a weakness in the immune system; or an aversion to specific substances – however, that view has clouded the more complete understanding of the true cause of the condition. Stopping allergies, until now, has been left up to anti-histamines to block allergic responses or the use of inhalers to open the bronchial pathways, both of which merely mask the symptoms. What if the body could relearn how to relate to substances without allergic reactions and exposure to the common allergens did NOT require taking medicine. Would you want to know more?

Allergy Stress Relief can help you if you suffer from: Pet Allergies, Environmental Allergies, Seasonal Allergies, Food Allergies, Internal Allergies, Drug Allergies, Skin Conditions and many more.

With the NEW LazRx Treatment we can effectively minimize allergic responses and help RESET the body’s Learned Allergic Response Mechanism. This is accomplished through the use of computer aided Cold Laser Technology. A computer will run a diagnostic scan of your body and register all the stimulants that cause a negative reaction in your body. Then, combining this information with our programmable cold laser, the individual’s body frequency is reset to normal response status and the allergic response mechanism is bypassed.

Since there is no current or chemical introduced to the body the protocol is safe for people of all ages

No long term reactions reported.

What can the SV2 do for you?

  • Identify chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and other toxic materials in your system including problems with dental materials such as mercury.
  • Determine the energy level of every organ in the body and how well it is functioning.
  • Indicate allergies and parasites.

    How does the SV2 work?
  • The system is capable of performing over 6,000 individual tests on your body and automatically indicates what remedies you may need to help correct various problems and deficiencies.
  • The computer measures the degree of electrical resistance of the acupressure points, generally the hands and feet. These measurements indicate the balances or imbalances of the various organ systems of the body and can detect low-level reactions in the body. It also indicates which homeopathic or nutritional remedy, and the exact potency, that will create any energy balance. Bioenergetic testing can monitor your progress. There are no side- or after-effects with proper use of the SV2 and suggested therapy.
  • No electrical impulses or discomfort are felt during the testing. You must remove any jewelry or metal items from your person prior to testing. The FDA approved testing is safe and gentle.
  • Clients who have pacemakers, those who do not wish to be tested in person due to distance or time constraints, or your family pet, can be tested using a hair sample. (See “Scan Request” page for forms and hair sample instructions.)

    Who can enjoy benefit from having a SV2 scan?
  • Anyone who wants to improve the quality of their health and life, or that of their pet.

    What are the benefits?
  • Bioenergetic Testing shows any type of energy imbalance or vitamin-mineral deficiencies in your body. It will indicate remedies for these energy imbalances. It takes the guesswork out of what your body needs and can tell you more about the current state of your health.
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